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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sakit hati..

bila difikirkan, sakitnye hati bile mende ni berlaku.. tp dah pun berlaku, malas nk fikir..
begini kisahnye..

aku, and 3 others friends are being called by the counselor teacher..
then we wait outside the counseling room..
he was late so we made our mind to help an Ustaz first..
we don't care because we are sincere to help him do some work..
after about 15 minutes, we suddenly recalled in our mind about the counselor teacher ..
two of us get in the counselor room..
and they told us that the counselor teacher had picked us 4 to join the "kem rakan muda"...
but, he said we are too late so he have pick others student..
we felt so hurt..
so, we tried to have a talk to the counselor teacher..
he said that we have to find Sir M.. and beg him if we want to go..
we came to Sir M laboratory, he is there...
we ask him nicely about the camping trip..
he said
"awak ingat senang nk tukar balik?? saye dah bg borang kebanaran ibubapa!!"
we dunno what to do next..
so I asked..
"takde care lain ke supaye kitorg boleh pergi cikgu?" ask me gracefully..
he shouted.."tak!!"
i asked again.
"boleh tak kitorg tau name budak2 yg pergi tu"
i thought that if we can have a talk with the student, maybe they can let us go..
but,Sir M screamed again...
"tak boleh"
i don't know what to do.. i said..
"takpelah cikgu" sadly..
Sir M said..
"ini bukan soal boleh tak boleh.."
loudly he said that..
i replied quickly before he said anythings..
"tak pelah cikgu, kitorg dah taknak.. terime kasih cikgu"
again, sadly voice..
we go out the laboratory..
then, suddenly, i cried.. i don't know why i cried , maybe i thought that after we had a discussion, the teacher changed his mind..
but that impossible..
i cried in the toilet about 10 minutes..
i said to my friend..
"tak boleh ke cakap baik-baik??"
then, we go back from school with dead heart..
how could a teacher do that..
i think that is my fault..
and our fault..
or this is the suratan takdir for us..
exactly that.. ahahha
please Ya ALLAH.. give me strength..
~sakitnye hatiku~

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