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Saturday, October 16, 2010

~Concert End~

The concert that i wait about a month has finally ends.. Yes, sure it left too much experience for me for the 1st "konsert berbayar" hehhehhe..
Two kids plus 1 boy*anak Penyanyi Aishah* has a really great voice!!!
if only i can record all of that..

What did i buy??
button maher zain!! but there aren't enough for 6 of my friends!!

sure, if there is the good things, there must have the bad one!
I hate when some audience come late and start "lalu lalang" in front of us when the concert has begin! what a "menyakitkan hati!"
one more, there are souvenirs there, but what we want aren't there.. that is, the souvenirs with Maher Zain signature!! that will be such a great things and Alhamdulillah if that things really happened!

tomorrow, Bukit Gambir, here I come again to you!
I left a Maher Zain picture with you.. enjoy his cute face!! hahhah ALLAHU AKHBAR!!

Love and heart-broken~ SYAZWANIE BINTI SIKUN!!~

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